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======counting down to the the damage that it's doing to our economy aad what it will hours.========================= he's making an offer we all hope she refuses. the latest way casey anthony could make money off her daughter's ========================= a shooting in what many consider a safe zone. there's other things out there thaa violence, give them a dream to chase after" why this crime has shaken the neighborhood to the core. ========================= p=====why nottjust stop?"ii's pust not that easy. you feel like you're going to die." the new crisis for newborns that is replaccig crackkabies as a naaional epidemic.
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abell. and i'm karen . bbtween us and america's irst default on it's debt. debb. congress is scrambling to hammer out a deal.... but as mike emanuel shows us, the crisis is stiil marching toward disaster disaster president obama -- meetiig with the top two ddmocratic leaders at the white hoose three days before the debt-limit deadline. senaae majority leaddr harry reid and house minority leader nancy pelosi were called shhrtly after the republican- controlled houseerejected reid's debt-ceiling proposal. (nats: the bill is not passed) following that house vote, their confidence to reach a d - deal. boehner: "i think senator mcconnell and i are both confident that we're going to be able to come too some agreement with tte white house and end this impasse." but the senate majority leader called áallá members to come to the senate chamber....
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saying they are ánoá closer to an agreement. reid: "merely sayinn have agreement in front of tv cams doesn't make it so // e are here for this reason. it's spelled filibuster. it's filibustee" the republican leader fired back. mcconnell: "these aae direct quotes form my friend ajority leader: "it's alwayss been the case that you need 60 votes. // foo him to suggest...gonna be done with 51 votes. maaes no sense at aal."if congress fails to raise the current 14-point-33 trillion dollar debt ceiling by tuesday, it could ean the first government default in american history.and that means tax payers could face rising interest ratee and a declining dollar along with other financial problems.but the question remmins whether we are any closee to a debt deal. republicans suggest es.
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democrats say no. which pretty debate. on capitol hill, mike emanuel, ox news. than an hour to defeat speaker boehner's plan yesterday. yesterday. the speaker had to make major changes and add a provision foo a vote on a balanced budget amendment to the constitution before his pwn party woold get on boaad. afterrall that work, senatt was furrous with both parties throughout the battle. "i sttck my neck out a mile to try to get an agreement with the president of the unnted states. i stuck y neck out a mile." democrats are fiiing back at the speaker and his republlcan party. nancy pelosi went so far as too compare speaker boehner to darth vader. vader.the speaker chose, when instead of to reach out in a bipartisan way, to see how we &pcoulddwork together, he chose to go to the darkside. ( booo) let me repeat, and i repeat, he chooe to ggoto the daakside. á youucould hear the republican boos raining
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pown. but no one is gaiiing populaaity in this mess it appears the president too... his approval rattng has dropped to forty-percent in the past week.....hats the lowest ever for president obama. a same allup poll shows just 13-percent of that he's doing. if a deal can get done our nntional defense is going to be the big loser n any round of spending cuts. some say decreasing our military funding could hurt more than increasing our national debt. barabara starr has the washington. the pentagon spends nearry $700 billion a year ...onn ..wars..fighter jets.. ships...paying the troops ....and bombs and's a rich target for congressiinal efforts to cut spending to reduce the deficit. president obama''
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inccming top military advisor is playing ball some extent. "if we don't show that we recognize that the nation has a significant economic problem and then do our part, whatever that part may beeto help solve it, we will be seen as simply putting up baariirs."the white house plready wants to cct 400-bbllion dollars in pentagon spending over the next 12 years, but some in congress want to cut security spending by more than 800- billion dollars which doesn't sit well with dempsey. "based on the difffculty of achieving the 400 billion dollar cut, i believe 800 would be exttaordinaaily difficult and very high-risk."foommr defense secretary and one time republican senator william cohen says theee may be an unusual political alliancee fooming. "someeof the disengage and say that we'ree come to america may find ould compatibility and comfort with some on the ddmocratic left who would arguu that we shouud
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come home america and then focus our energg and our resources and attention here &peconomy."pro defense houuee republicans are still playing the danger card....."one of tte biggest fears that i hhve is these enormous budget cuts that we see coming down thee pike......nd making sure the brass issheard. "i think if they were tooexceed 400 billion dollars we would start to haae to make some fundamental changes in the capability of the marine &pcorps."--tag --the debt ceiling deadline s tuesday. -----end-----cnn.script p the state of california is protecting itself in ccse therees no deal in washington. washington. &pthe state has taken out 5 poont 4 billion dollars ii short term loans. thats enough to pay the bills in case federal funds are cut-off. caaifornia's treasurer sayy its the onny way to insure the statt keeps running. the loans will have to be repaii in november. the consequences of missing the august 2ndddeadline are still unclear.what could happen... is a ddwngrade in the country's credit rating...
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but what would mean...? according to experts, it would force banks to charge more interest for loa. about half a percent.aading p about dollars a month onno the typical car loan... the same thing wwuld appen to home loans......costing an exxra 50 dollars a month... or about 500 dollars a year scott lilly/senior fellow, center for american progress: (11:17:55) that will push down particular ttpes of houses, and -- and put the real estate market into even ore of a slump thaa it is today. (11:18:) consumers should also expect to see interest rates on credit cards rise. on facebook we asked what you think about the impact of a debt default and how the negotiations areegoing. almost everyone agrees congress is doing a bad job for america and that pocketbooks will suffer. suffer.j says. in total, congress is what's failed. not the bill. bill.john writes no! they want balanced budget amendmenn! &pstop spending, cut spenddng, and balance the budget! thht's
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what real americans ant! and we've donn a major upgrade to our facebook page.... in order to bring you a lot more content... just log onto our normal facebook ppge and click on the inside fox 45 icon on the left...... under oor profile photo. you'll have exclusive access to pecial content, from the quustion of the day...... to top stories and of pourss...... our purple pride section.... where you can show your rrvens pride. it's innide fox 45 only on our facebook page, be sure to &p3 a boater has drowned at stoney . creek. boats are combing the dark waterr tonight. about four hours ago, 48 year old ccarles ryder umped into the waters of stoney creek. he did noo come back up. divers scrambled to locateehim. ttnight, it has beccme a recovery operation as search teams attempt to locate his body. there was a separate incident on the south river where two mee were serrously injured one waa flown tooshock trauma, they are both there tonight in serious condition. 3
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a 3-year-old boy is dead... and now police aae trying to figure out who killed him. myranda stephens is herr with why the child's death went from being callee suspicious... to homicide. death suspicious then. but this weee - the meeical examiner ade it official - ruling the little boyys death... wws no accident. 23:12 i'm i'm really upset the veronaaapartments neer columbia are shocked to learn a young child... was the victim of a homicide. 22:26 it makes me eel upset because it's a lot of children in this community. and it's a nice area to live 33back n april - emergency crews found unconscious and not breathing 96-hundred block of basket ring road. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. aa the time - police called his death suspiiious. pnd this week - a medical examiner ruled the death a
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homicide - saying theeboy died after being suffocated..lena 27:16 oh my gosh? who suffoccaed him? 19it's a question police are also asking. so far, they have not identified any suspects in he little boy's death.8-year-old mai samuels was friends with elijah'ssbig siiter.2941 her borrher was really, really really nice. buttnow he's just gone now. and i was sad, too 49 neighbors say the family moved out of the apartment about a month ago.but thh question over hatthappened to elijah... still remains. 2747 whoever did thaa (pauses) i think they should get the chair 52 police say the 9-1-1 call to the home was made by a relative of the child. but again, no suspects or arrests in the investigation. myranda stephenn, fox45 news at ten. 3 an early morning shooting in nortteasttbaltimore leaves one man dead. dead.. it happened early this morning near 4800 bowland avenue.... police tell us a 31-year-old man was shot in the chest...and lattr died at thee ospital... after the
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incident, detectives say twoo other men showed up at hospitals with gunshoo woundss detectives believe the cases are related....but so far, they've made no arrests. 3 a body is discovereddin te trunk of a car in east baltimoo. baltimore.homicide detectives commbd the area for clues this morning. the body was discovered in the trunk of a pntersection of gay and 33 montgommry counnyypolice are ssarching for the thieves responsible for a string of break-ins. &pins. they wereerecently captured on home seccrity cameras breaking into two cars parked at a rockville hooe. the thieves stole credittccrds from tth car aad then pttemptee to buy gas with the cards. they pplled similar stunt outside nother home in kensington. the baltimore city police officer who fell nearly 30-feet from the j-f-x... made her first public appearance today. officer teresa rigby visited zion baptist church in east baltimore... to thaak the children from the church's &psummer caap for sending her aa banner... wishing her aaspeedy recovery. last month - a car
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slammed into the back of rigby's police cruiser - pushing her off the ighway and down to the concrete below. 43:13 i just want to thank all the children and everybody the prryers really helped and i'm thankful 23 23rigby does plan to 3&return t able. o far, no charges have been filed in the aacident. 33& a lot of new faces competing for very few jobs these days.... and some of those already drafteddcould wind up in a starting role. a ravens camp report, morgan.h today the players puttiig on the pads and getting physical for the very firstttime.the roster's still a mess...holes need to be filled.... filled....question is... which draft players for a reason... and plenty have seen starting action their very first season... insert michael oher and joe flacco..right now the round pick outtof maryland
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torrey smith at receiver.his speed off the line as impressed the coaching staff... not to mention his ability to make the grab on go smith running with the starters.... not bad for the first week of practice. coming up in sports unlimited...hear from a raven with little bit more experience...whoos ready to give smith some competition ffr a ssarting spot.that's at 10-50, back to yoo. i'm joy lepola. we hhve new suspects on the wheee of justice. find out where it stops... and who will be highlighted.. next. "i'veebeen here 5 years and have never ad a proolem" a shooting rocks &bal
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tonight, tte community is fighting bak. a gas stationnclerk takes &pmatters into his oww hands..... why what the robber doesn'' know......will actually hurt him...... &p
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business owners say its rare....but tonight, baltimore's arts district is deaaing witt a round of violence. early fridaa morning...a man was shot in the district....justta block from mica's studio center. tonight janice park shows us how the community is fighting b. &p"i've been here 5 years and have never had a problem" restaurant ownnr joe
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edwardson says the unfire that erupted just a block away...was oot of the ordinary. ordinary. "a 22 year was just standing herr at this ustop when police say 2 people approached him. oneeof them pulled out a gunn and shot him twice in the " back""i've never hadda proolem here, the woost is aggressive panhandling, my mom comes here littte jewish woman at 2 am and no one bothers herra rare act of violence...that is disappointing to so many...who in recent yyars have turned small dreams inno gallery'' and barr.near thh shooting, windows are splashed with posters...boasting the best in the arts.cast members of the play trapped wait to get into thheload of fun theaaer: theattr:""e told us how baltimore, north street is really coming up with the arts" arts"inside, rehersallbegins: begins: "theater and singing has een a life saver, it gave me something tt chase after, aa dream to fulfill, a dream to accomplish"dc native and
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recorring artist deangelo redmon....says people here have worked too hard to let this area become a stage violence. "a chance to know thattthere's other things out there than violence, give them after"janice park fox 45 news at ten. at last heck, the 22 year ood victim was in serious but stable condition... 3 &pcity police are also searchin for a gunmannwho shot three people late last night... night... police found the victiis here, t 500 west hoofman streett the three hospital and are expected to e survive. pooice are urging contact dettctives at he central district... fighting back...
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withha phone call. you could have the information to help catch a criiinal. oy lepola hhs this week's wheel of justice. justiie. all new suspects tonight.. on the wheel of jjstice. we spin the wheel... and where it stops determinee who we highlight. then we open our hottine.. so you can call in with tips. tips. 57-year old russell carrington the old russhird is wanted on three warrants. police suspect him in two robberiis... and he's also wanted ffr failing tt appear. carrington is 5-feett4-inches tall and weighs 157 pounds. can help put russell carrington behind bars. if you ave any information.. call our hotline at 410-637-8970. leeola.. fox45 ews at ten. 3 the circus of terrible tasse continuus to dance around casey anthony. anthony. hustler founder larry flynt is now offering alf a million
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dollars for casey anthony to pose nude inn is magazine. he evvn aid he'll give her ten percent f every magazine sold. casey anthony was recently found not guilty of murdering her daughter caylee. anthony haa been reportedly shopping arounddto try to see who will pay the most for her first interview. 3 we have new information tonight on the drug war that is consummng america's southern border. drug cartels are stepping up their efforts to bring narcotics into the u-s. according to the border atrol, cocaine imports are up 70-percent..... and they''e seeing a 20- percent rise in meth imports. and thats just what agents are managing to intercept. 3 "the treed seems to be much deeper concealments, much more is a reallgood example of that. this came in this morninga"aa&we got 14 pounds of mexican tar hhroii out of this drive shaft." shaft." in one hour this week, border patroo agents say
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they intercepted a quarter million ollars worth of rugs. 3 maybe he should have paii more attention to is own message. message. an indiana are and charged with drunk driving. the school resouuce officer's truckksllmmed into a tree around 11 p.m. neighbors didn't have much trouble figurrng out who was driving drunk in the car because of the huge logos on the trailer he was pulling. it said dare (drug abuse resistance eduuction) and seymour police department- which made me think he was a police officer. officer.he's not settiig a good example for kidssthat see . this. the officer that was &pdriving told police heehad a dog in the truck with hhm at the time, he says the crash was the dog's fault. 3 a robber may have picked the &pwrong fight when he attempted to hold up a kansas gas statioo. t turns out the clerk at the station is a former marrne &pwho smashed the robbers head into a rack, twisted his arm, phen slammed him into the ccunter. the robber managed to escape but not with any money. the clerk escaped with a minoo cuu....
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3 get this, dad is fighting for america on the other side of the world but he still got to see the birth of his first s. serving in afghanistan and fighting the taliian every day. thanks to skype, he didn't miss his on's birth all the way back home in ohioo the laptop was in he room so he could welcome his soo richard 3nto the world-3 "iim a proud servant of our country and i do hat i'm told, i do it honoraaly and i'm just proud o be able tt experience this and still do my job, it's the best oo both w" worlds." mom's delivery dad is serving with the nine hundred and tenth airwing on afghanistan. 3 fantasy a reality in downtown weekend. ota-con 2011 kicked off yesterray.... its a celebbation of video anything else you can thinn of.- it's taking place at the convention center where one fan explained the alllre.
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doin our thing i'm cosplaying, dressing as my favorite fun buying nnce japaness me - things you an't get anywhere else, this is my third year by the way. way. vendorsswere sellinn a lot of water oday sooall those costumed characters could keep cool... hhavy costumee it definitely - feels cooler than yesterday. but summer is nnt ovee yet.... yet.... here's meteorologist emily gracey with your skywatch forecast.
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3 ou can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is nowwavailable at foxbaltimore dot com. use the interactive tools to track ccming storms downn o your street. go to foxbbltimore dot com slash i-radar there was a different kind of competition going on in canton today.... today.... o'donnelllsquare was the scene of a cornhole tournament where they raised money for cancer ttday... there was also a bii wheel grand prix race on the square.... a baltimore man launched the event three years ago after the death of his stepfathee. 3 a wild ride for this bus rouue. how police say this drivee wound up picking a fight with a city bus.
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"we saw the number offcrack babies that died, and this is &pjust another version of that that is killing newborns. here from one mother who baby's future just to get her fix. that's next in tonight's cover story. ?y?y?y?yçç> verdosessof
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pressription drugs now kill more americans than all other
10:28 pm
combined. and many of thhse pill poppinggparents are phrough the horrors off rug addiccion. in tonight's cover story, amber lyonn investigatessthe dangerous epidemic of babies who are born addicted. addicted. (music)broward county florida is filled with pain clinicsa& doctors akinn millions doling also knownnas 'heroin in a pill'a& like caady."more and more people keep dying from prrscription drug overdoses." slaughteriig our children every single day. look at uss we're desperate. we're begging ya."as one generation succumbs to prescription opiatesa &nnts)a new generation of addicts is being borna "we saw the number of crack babies that died, and this is just another version of that. we all need to be concerned." according to state health records, uring the first half of 2010 alone, 635 addicted. "good morning n -
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ladies i'm jessica. i feel good today. casey goes for a follow up appointment at thee doctors, so hopefully they'll say she's doing better."for most of her pregnancy a& &pjeesica flooded her body and therefore caaey's with the prescription painkiller pressription pills have emerged as the naton's faatest growing drug problem. (nats) jessica fears the drugguse is responsible for caseyys frequent respiratory infectionsa(reporter: "if that it's harming tte baby and could cause birth deeects, why don't you juut quit using the pills?")"it's just not that easy. you feel like youure going to die."jessica was weaned off the pills beeore casey was born. those that aren't, give birth to babies who begin to suffer with their firss breaah.(reporter: "so
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you actually have to detox the babiis?")"yes. they go through withdrawal symptoms yes. they're miseeable, their have rapid breathing. they can sometimes they can even have seizuree."even more troubling, researchers still don't know what the long termmeffectssof infantsa&"yes princess"aand neither does jesssca."i know getting off of the pills. so what's she going through? because she's just aalittle baby and she can't talk and she can'' tell me how she feels. i want to make sure that she doesn't want for anything. thht she doesn't have to hurt anymore than i already put her through. she doesn't deserve that because she's a princess."amber lyon, &p the centers for dissase
10:31 pm
control ssyy, that in the past eight years, the ate of overdose deaths from the drug percent... americans spend ce- moreethan two and a half oxycontin prescrippions. 3 p a cclllsion caught oo camera......why this bus driverris lucky to be alive and the latest on the happened. nats woah.. don't spill t! it! we find that very few things innthe world are truly kid proof. the gyro bowl claams it has the right stuff.. dud test coming up. 3 p3 3
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p it was not a bad dayyfor a party.... party.... that's exactly what residents in lafayeete square did today. the saint james academy and the church without alls ministry hosted tte block party where neighbors got to know their neighbors. the four-hour block party was held at it staated with major concerns over a hurricane and ended with a beautiful sunset. texas is breathing aacollective sighhof sunsee part of the remnants of
10:38 pm
tropical storm don. the storm that came in over the coast barell packed an inch of rain and some strong breezes. don never gaiied the energy to become a hurriiane which is good news for cities aal along theecoast. it turned iito a wiid ride home for ne new york bus route.. 42-year-old man was the incredible force offthe . collision was captured on 3 cameras...a cargo van crashes into a bus... pushing itt across he street... riggtt intt a mc-donalds.fortunately, no one was killed... but 3 peoole were hurt.police say the driver of the van was drunk and was driving without a license an airshow in wisconsin goes out of control in an instant. take a look at this home video. an f-16 slides off the runway... shortly after take-offf.. crashing into a grass can see the jet eventually coming to a stop... nose down.amazingly... the pilot manages to escape crash is still under investigation. 3 imagine filling up just
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once a month. the new proposal that ould make gas stations a rare stop. nats::do you waat it in aabowl or a bag? bowl. a bowl? ok. ok. a truly spill proof container???? is it a eal or a duu........we put it to the .... no more snacks soaring through
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the air. now there's a bowl to help keep you kids' snacks contained. patrice harrrs finds out if the gyro bbwl is a deal or a dud! dud! it's called the gyyo bowl and it's advertised to be spill proof and 100 percent... totally... absolutely kii proof! it spins 360 ddgrees to always keep the opening upright... buu can it keep up with our tiny testee? nats oops.. uh oh... look out! have a toddler who loves to toss thhir food.. more than they &plove to eat it? nats &p>>introducing the gyrobowl. now you can relax while they snack- so say the makees of the yro bowl. this spill-proof sphere is designed to keep contents upright regardless of how it's held.
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totally absolutely kid proof!! nats: lucky charms... one of old bethany. nats: do you want it in a bowl or a bag? bowl. a bowl? ok. this little lady often has trouble being tidy come snack time.look what happens when bethany snacks all by herself.. with a regular bowl. nats woah.. don't spill it!nays it always ends up on the floor or on the ready for a refill... we rewind... and try again... nats is that a bowl.. does it look like a bowl? ...this time using the gyro bowl. t seems pasy for bethany to balance. we hand it off to mom and we're "bowled" over at how effective it seems to be- but then... nats oops.. uh oh.. it did spill! it wasn't supposed to do that? soo closer look at bethany's hands--she seems uninterested in holding the bowl by the handle... but instead is fascinated by the spinning 100% otally absooutely kid
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proof!!>>hmmm.. not quite.i say dud. after 5 kinds i've learned that while it's a great concept- the tww year old is smaaterrthan the bowl. bowl. the gyro bowl comes t a cost of 14-99 and has a 30 day money back more information go to foxbaltimore dot com slash newslinks. newslinks.patrice harris fox45 you're going to be paying a lot less for gas even f prices shoot way up in the next few decades. finishing a deal to douule fuel efficiency in the next 14 yearr. that means the standard would go from 30 miles per gallon to 55 miles per gallon in 2025. the white house says the plan will decrease ourrdependency on foreign oil and reduce our carbon footppint. it will also save the entire country 2 trillion dollars in the long run for fuel costs.
10:45 pm
...and you need to know that thh future of the i-pod may be in sold 7 and a half million of them last quarter...20-percent less han the same timm a year ago... and the fewest since 2005.2 things may be causing sales to technology changed, people don't need to replace them as often....and second... many people are using their smartphones to play music. still, i-pods own 70-percent of the music player market .day 3 from ravens training camp... plus thh oriolls reach a new low... that's next in &psports unlimited... it's a special it's a special kind of
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babysittee for some new tiger c. cubs. this chimp is right at home in the cage full of predators. the chimp's name ii dodo. he learned how to eed the tiger cubs by watthing the keepers. dodo loves playing around with the thhee month old cubs, at times, they forget that thee're ot related. 3 .day hree of ravens training c.
10:49 pm
sports unnimited with the - latest from owings mills... mor. morgan... coming up tonight on sports unl. unlimited...a different look to this year's defense... why jarret johnson can't wait to play under his new scheme.... just when you think it can't possibly get does... how the orioles reached a new low tonight....and they traded he's going....ssorts unlimited starts right now... week one of training camp, done.the ravens even putting on the pads and getting physical today.they will do the samm monday.'s a little ssow out there....assexpected due to thh late start thanks to the &pn-f-l lockout...and sea of ne facee..there's a semi-new face on the defensive side of the ball... coordinator chuuk pagono.he ran the sscondary llst yearr..and noo has the main j-o-b after the departtre of greg mattison to michigan.

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